4You have full control over your Software Development Team. The g4dev Team Model stands for 100% transparency and is adapted individually to your requirements. As a client your are in constant contact with your developers, we from our side take care that you can solely focus on developing great software. Tasks like recruiting, office management, technical support and all legal and administrational handling is done by us. As we know there are companies who need only one developer or QA on the long term, teams in g4 start from one person. We have clients who are successfully working with only one person for years. Be it one or more employees, each team is individually managed, supported and integrated by us.


You are flexible to scale the number of staff in one or the other way within a few weeks. For project peaks or timely limited projects we can attach short term resources from our HR-pool at any time.


  1. At first we jointly draft a detailed requirements profile. Subsequently, we search and identify the most suitable developers for you. Motivation is a key criterion when we are looking for candidates. Our goal is to find staff for you that will be loyal to you for years to come.
  2. The final choice with whom of the developers/ QAs/ project managers you want to work in the future is yours. Our experienced recruiters consult you and provide you with all relevant information that help you in taking the right decision.
  3. Some 2-4 weeks later your first developer starts working in an appealing office environment with a fully established workplace. Here are some impressions from our Minsk office.
  4. With our extensive experience we support you in integrating and guiding your team. All administrational and legal questions are completely handled by us.


As software developers are becoming more scarce and expensive, building an Own Software Development Team is the ideal solution for many companies. We support you in this strategic step. In comparison with developers hired in Europe or Israel, you save around 55-70% in costs. We are happy to provide you a detailed overview as to what regards salaries and services, just get in touch with us.

Before building a team, we are checking whether your processes and employees are ready for working with a location abroad. There are different approaches. We are happy to consult you on this.


  • contracting party is our limited company (GmbH), Swiss law is applied
  • monetary security, all invoices are in Euro
  • english-speaking contact person in Minsk
  • support with all travel and visa arrangements