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Coronavirus breaking news on 10th May 2020

“In Belarus, May 10, 22 thousand 973 people with positive COVID-19 test were registered, which is 8.7% of the total number of tests. 6,406 patients with coronavirus have been recovered and discharged,” said the Ministry of Health.

The Health Ministry said 131 patients with detected coronavirus have died during the entire period of infection spread in the country.

There are 38 laboratories opened in Belarus. There were carried out 263 thousand 543 tests.

From April 24, the Ministry of Health has not held briefings and press conferences. Earlier these events were held at least once a week.


Coronavirus breaking news on 29th April 2020

In Belarus, according to data as of April 29, 13,181 cases of COVID-19 have been registered. It’s 7.8% of the total number of tests, reports the Ministry of Health. The number of those infected has increased by 973 people over the past 24 hours. This is a record number since the outbreak began.

2,072 patients, whose diagnosis of COVID-19 was previously confirmed, were recovered and discharged.

84 patients (plus 5 patients from yesterday) have died during the whole period of infection spread.

The report of the WHO mission on its visit to Belarus from 8 to 11 April notes that the situation in Belarus is of concern and requires immediate implementation of a comprehensive mixed strategy.First of all, the experts point to the need to strengthen physical distance measures, including the relocation of all mass events, including sports, cultural, political and religious events.

Coronavirus breaking news on 23th April 2020

Since the beginning of the outbreak, 8,022 people with positive COVID-19 tests have been registered in the country.

It’s a sad new record, plus 741 coronavirus cases per day.

A total of 122,543 tests have been conducted since the outbreak. During the whole period of infection spread in the country 60 people died, 938 patients were recovered and discharged.

According to estimates of the Minister of Health Vladimir Karanik, the peak of morbidity will be at the end of April – beginning of May.

Coronavirus breaking news on 20th April 2020

As of Monday, April 20, 6,264 COVID-19 cases have been registered in Belarus. In Brest region – 185 cases, Vitebsk region – 1504, Gomel region – 322, Grodno region – 176, Minsk region – 789, Mogilev region – 265, Minsk – 3023.

A total of 514 people were recovered and discharged. 92 patients need a mechanical ventilation, 51 patients died.

102,556 tests for coronavirus infection have been conducted in Belarus since early February.

Coronavirus breaking news on 15th April 2020

April 15, Belarus registered 3728 cases of coronavirus infection. 68 patients need mechanical ventilation. 36 people died.

During the last 24 hours 447 new cases of infection have been registered (as of April 14th there were 3,281 ill people, 33 patients died).

For more than a week the number of cases has been growing by several hundreds per day. The Ministry of Health attributed it to the fact that they began to conduct more tests. April 15, Belarus held 76,198 tests for coronavirus infection. 24 laboratories were involved in the testing.

According to the forecast of the Ministry of Health, the situation with registration of 300 to 400 cases of COVID-19 per day in Belarus will last for another two or three weeks.

According to Health Minister Vladimir Karanik, the epidemic will peak in late April – early May.

Coronavirus breaking news on 13th April 2020

According to the press service of the Ministry of Health, 2578 people were infected with the new coronavirus. Out of them 203 people recovered, 26 people died. 50 patients need mechanical ventilation.

During the last 24 hours the coronavirus was confirmed in 352 people, three died, 31 patients recovered.

According to the Ministry of Health, more than 64 thousand tests for coronavirus infection had already been carried out in Belarus by April 12. 17 laboratories have been involved in the testing.

Coronavirus breaking news on 10th April 2020

In Belarus, 1486 cases of coronavirus have been recorded since the outbreak, while 139 people have recovered after treatment. 16 people with coronavirus died, reports the Ministry of Health.

The day before it was reported about 1066 detected cases of coronavirus infection. Thus, the increase for the day was 420 people – a record since the outbreak.

There are 1331 people on hospital treatment. The majority of patients have mild to moderate forms of disease.

Coronavirus breaking news on 7th April 2020

In Belarus, 861 people have been infected with coronavirus since the outbreak. Of these, 54 people have recovered and 13 have died. This was reported by the Ministry of Health in the official Telegram channel.

31 patients with coronavirus are on artificial ventilation.

Most of ill patients are in Minsk, most of those who’ve recovered are in Vitebsk. The number of deaths in Minsk and Vitsebsk is equal – five people each. Another three people died in Minsk region.

Coronavirus breaking news on 3d April 2020

According to the Ministry of Health, 300 people in Belarus have been infected with coronavirus since the outbreak. Among them, 254 people are now on hospital treatment, while 42 have recovered and 4 have died. Almost 2000 contacts are in hospitals.

The Ministry of Health reports that in most cases the disease is mild to moderate. 11 patients need artificial lung ventilation and their condition is assessed as stable.

The polyclinics now have separate entrances and rooms for patients with fever and symptoms of acute respiratory infection.

Coronavirus breaking news on 1st April 2020

Since 30 March, the Ministry of Health no longer reports how many sick people there are in the country. On 30 March 152 cases of corona virus were registered.

The first death was registered the day before in Belarus. Viktor Dashkevich, 75-year-old actor of the Kolasovsky Theatre, honoured artist of the Republic of Belarus, died in Vitebsk. The man had many chronic diseases and had a positive test for the corona virus.

Coronavirus breaking news on 24th March 2020 

The number of people infected with coronavirus in Belarus is 81 as of March 24, reported the press service of the Ministry of Health.

Thanks to the measures taken by physicians, the spread of the virus can be kept under control, but new cases are still recorded.

Physicians recommend self-isolation for all those coming from abroad for 14 days. And social distance – being a meter away from others – is recommended for everyone else.

The Ministry of Health does not intend to close cafes and restaurants yet, but the owners are advised to increase the distance between tables.

The Government of Belarus instructed the Ministry of Finance to allocate BYN 2.351.413 (about a million dollars) from the budget to prevent the entry and spread of infection caused by coronavirus COVID-19, reported the press service of the Council of Ministers.

The coronavirus in Belarus

The whole world is watching the situation with the spread of the coronavirus, Belarus is no exception.

There are a total of 76 patients with coronavirus in Belarus, the Ministry of Health announced on 22 March. 61 of them are in hospital.

An official representative of the WHO said that an increase in new cases is expected in Belarus, an inevitable development. At the same time, he said that the number of 76 patients with coronavirus shows that the situation in the country is under control.

So far there are no plans to introduce a quarantine in the next few days. Belarus is coping with the current measures and does not see an avalanche-like increase in morbidity.

The Ministry of Health is of the opinion that a complete closure of the border would not be a proportionate measure. All attempts to pursue this approach in other countries have required considerable financial and human resources. This has made the normal functioning of the economy considerably more difficult without protecting the population from the spread of the infection.

Sanitary and quarantine controls at the border (where these are currently in force), as well as anti-epidemiological and clinical measures within the country are considered more rational and effective in Belarus.

In particular, there are discussions about approving measures for “voluntary self-isolation” with partial contact restriction within 14 days for citizens from epidemiologically unfavourable countries who showed no signs of infection at the time of crossing the border. The Ministry of Health also proposes to restrict the holding of mass events in the country.

Our office has opted for self-isolation. Since March 16th the developers have been working in a home office regime.

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