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The whole world is watching the situation with the spread of the coronavirus, Belarus is no exception.

There are a total of 76 patients with coronavirus in Belarus, the Ministry of Health announced on 22 March. 61 of them are in hospital.

An official representative of the WHO said that an increase in new cases is expected in Belarus, an inevitable development. At the same time, he said that the number of 76 patients with coronavirus shows that the situation in the country is under control.

So far there are no plans to introduce a quarantine in the next few days. Belarus is coping with the current measures and does not see an avalanche-like increase in morbidity.

The Ministry of Health is of the opinion that a complete closure of the border would not be a proportionate measure. All attempts to pursue this approach in other countries have required considerable financial and human resources. This has made the normal functioning of the economy considerably more difficult without protecting the population from the spread of the infection.

Sanitary and quarantine controls at the border (where these are currently in force), as well as anti-epidemiological and clinical measures within the country are considered more rational and effective in Belarus.

In particular, there are discussions about approving measures for “voluntary self-isolation” with partial contact restriction within 14 days for citizens from epidemiologically unfavourable countries who showed no signs of infection at the time of crossing the border. The Ministry of Health also proposes to restrict the holding of mass events in the country.

Our office has opted for self-isolation. Since March 16th the developers have been working in a home office regime.