Belarus has 9,5 Million inhabitants, around 2 million are living in the capital Minsk. The monthly average salary in the country is less than 450 Euro. Belarus was the technologically most advanced country of the Soviet Union and a training ground for engineers and technicians. The world class technical educational level has been maintained, the little country is nowadays one the world-leading countries what regards the availability of highly-skilled IT-staff. There are 55 technical universities which produce over 2,500 IT-specialists year on year. The government recognizes the importance of the domestic IT-industry, there are various state initiatives that support investments in this area.

Many software developers keep faith with their homeland. With an average monthly salary of around 1,600 Euro they earn more than trice the average, and therefore have a higher buying power than if they would live and work abroad. In Belarus there are around 40,000 IT-specialists, most of them are based in Minsk. The most common technologies are Java, .Net, PHP, Ruby, Phyton, C/C++. Also there is a good availability of resources in QA and front-end technologies (JS etc.) as well mobile development (around 2,500 Android/ iOS and Cross-platform developers).