We know very well how difficult it is for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to find suitable IT-staff. The goal is to find qualified people for an affordable price within acceptable time, who are supposed to stay with the company for years. In reality this becomes more and more of an unsolvable challenge. On the one hand salary levels for IT-professionals are sky-rocketing, on the other hand SMEs run into the danger to lose highly qualified staff to bigger companies who can offer more competitive salaries and who are able to provide a better training and networking environment.

Many companies are looking for solutions with classical IT-outsourcing providers. For the majority though these engagements end in disappointment. Anticipated cost-savings are squandered because of coordination and communication problems. Many resign, others don’t even make the effort to look for alternatives, promising concepts and ideas are put into cold storage. Having been caught in this trap over six years ago, we found a place that offers the possibility to build highly qualified and long term teams, Belarus. For a fraction of the cost of Europe or Israel. All details on how we build successful Own Software Development Teams you can findĀ here.